Health & Safety

Our staff have been fully trained and are there to give you the best advice you need on protecting your skin. Sunbeds produce Vitamin D which is a vital ingredient for your health and well-being. You are not allowed to use a sunbed more than twice in 48 hours. You are required to leave it 24 hours minimum until you have a sunbed session from your previous one.


If you are ever unsure on how long you should tan for, always speak to a member of staff before you use a Sunbed. We also offer tons of different tanning lotions with different effects. We recommend our customers to use tanning lotions as its a fact that your skin needs to stay hydrated in order to develop a tan and for it to last longer. The tanning lotions also develop a deeper and darker tan than you've ever had before.


Sunbeds have never really recieved the best publicity, however the reason to this is because people over use them. If you are using them correctly for the right amount of time weekly you will recieve the perfect amount of Vitamin D for your skin.


Brown's Tanning Salon use the strict rule of only permitting over 18's to use the Sunbeds. Anyone that registers to our salon will be asked for ID before using our Sunbeds. 


If you are new to the Salon we will show you how to operate the sunbeds before use as they have a touchscreen operating system to choose your options for your tanning session.


Our Mega-Sun beds are manufactured in Germany and are built for any skin tone. The beds have 3 levels of tanning which are Basic, Mediterranean & Caribbean. This option is useful as you will never have to wait for a different bed as all our lay downs are the same!


Always check with your doctor before using a Sunbed if you have any of the following; 


If you have excessive amount of moles, freckles or skin ulcers

If you suffer from Epilepsy

If you have Prickly heat

If you are pregnant

If you suffer from headaches or fainting

If you have a heart condition


You should NEVER use a sunbed if you are Skin Type 1 - which means you are pale, red haired, never tan and have excessive amount of freckles.


Always use UV protective eye-wear. We offer disposable Wink-eaze to each customer and the UV light will damage the eye and cause temporary vision loss. We do also sell eye goggles for those who prefer to have their own.





If you have any questions that are related to Health & Safety please feel free to call us and one of our members of staff can assist you further before you tan!